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Dianabol was first anabolic steroid made around 1959 by a Dr John Ziegler who was a researcher at the Ciba Pharmaceutical company. Rumour has it the first batch of Dianabol tablets ever made were blue. To date I’ve never seen a picture of the original Ciba brand name version of Dianabol.

For bodybuilding and muscle growth purposes most average sized men will need to take at least 20 mg per day of Dianabol to get noticeable effects. Personally with several cycles under my belt I can go as high as 60 mg per day of Dianabol before really seeing it’s benefits. Dianabol makes you feel energetic, happy and strong. The pump while training on Dianabol is fantastic and can make it hard work to perform simple tasks like brushing your teeth or shampooing your hair.

The chemical name of Dianabol is Methandienone or Methandrostenolone not sure why there are two names for it. Last year I read a very interesting forum post where a guy claimed to have been reviewing old patents for the synthesis of Dianabol and claimed that at one stage there were in fact two different versions of the active ingredient, sadly he didn’t provide any proof or links to his research.

In 2010 there are many human grade and underground lab versions of Dianabol available.

The most famous human grade Dianabols are currently made in Thailand and are called Anabol ( nick names include pink dianabol, pink thais, stop signs, pink pentagons ) from British Dispensary. Anabol is a pentagram shaped tablet made in three different colours, pink Anabol 5 mg per tablet, yellow Anabol 10 mg per tablet and export only blue Anabol 15 mg per tablet.

Pink Anabol 5 is sold in two sizes a 200 tablet tub for export and a 1000 tablet tub sold in Thai pharmacies.

Yellow Anabol 10 is sold in one size only and that is a tub of 500 tablets.

Blue Anabol 15 is sold in tuns of 100 tablets only.

All Anabol sold in pouches is fake, I have even emailed British Dispensary and asked them this question directly after arguing with people over this issue in the past on the steroid forums.

Thailand has another very famous human grade Dianabol called Danabol DS currently manufactured by March.

Lesser known human grade Thai Dianabols include Melic, Achdon’s Methandon and Ammipire’s Methandienone.

Body Research still sells their original version of Danabol DS ( nick names include blue dianabol and blue hearts ) but appear to have no Thai FDA licence for it.

Thailand’s underground lab Dianabols include ThaiGer Pharma and Global Anabolics ( although both claim to be made in China ), SB Laboratories Di-Anabol 20, Diabol-5 and Diabol-10 by Bukalo Trading and finally D-Bol 20 by UK Pharma Lab.

The most famous human grade Dianabol from outside Thailand is Poland’s Metanabol which is sold in boxes of just twenty 5 mg tablets and therefore works out much more expensive than Anabol from Thailand.

Dianabol Blog

I’m Bodybuilder X and my favorite oral anabolic steroid is Dianabol. I’ve decided to start this blog to let everyone know about my experiences with Dianabol over the past fifteen years.

Over the years I’ve tried many different brands of Dianabol. The first one I ever tried was an Indian Dianabol called Pronabol 5 made by PBL Laboratories. The second I tried was called Methandon and made by a company in Thailand called Achdon ( this particular brand is still available today ) the version I used was so old it came in a glass jar rather than the plastic tubs that most Dbols are sold in these days. In a few weeks time I’ll dig the old Methandon bottle out of the attic and takes some pictures of it so you can all see what vintage 1980s Thai Dianabol looks like. In recent years I’ve been taking Thai human grade Dianabol such as British Dispensary Anabol and Body research Danabol DS. Sadly I have yet to try the world’s most popular non Thai human grade Dianabol which is called Naposim.

On this blog I intend to tell my readers exactly how I’ve cycled Dbol and which Dianabol cycles have worked best for me. I’ve been a fan of high  doses and I’m embarassed to admit I once used a huge 200 mg a day in divided dosage for several weeks as part of a crazy muscle growth experiment. I’ll also tell you all about the side effects I’ve noticed while using  Dbol and the other products I’ve used to combat them. I’ll also share details of my PCT ( Post Cycle Therapy ) that I’ve found gives me good results following a Dianabol cycle.

I’ll also give you advice on which Dianabol to choose and help you tell teh difference between fakes, counterfeits and the real deal.

Well that’s it for my opening post,  I’ve no idea how you found us as I don’t think you’ll find us on any search engines, I assume you saw the blog address on one of my steroid forum profiles anyway many thanks for dropping by.